DIY Home Decor Projects Using Natural Materials

Natural materials offer a timeless charm to your home, offering it an organic touch that will last over time. Natural materials also come with great durability – making them a worthwhile investment that will reap rewards in the future.

The great thing about DIY home decor projects using natural materials is that they’re often budget-friendly! So if you want some fresh ideas for decorating your home without breaking the bank, these DIY projects with natural materials could be just what the doctor ordered!

Floral wall hanging

A floral wall hanging is an ideal decoration for any home. Not only does it add a natural aesthetic, but it’s also simple to assemble.

Start this DIY project by selecting flowers that dry well and can be easily hung on the wall. Roses, lavender, baby’s breath and coneflowers all work great for this style of decoration.

Create a striking visual with different colored and type of flowers. You can even achieve an ombre effect by adding blue or purple hues to the blooms.

Domino wall art

Nothing beats the classic board game of Domino to get the party started, and it has been around for centuries. We also offer some stylish designs in the form of domino-inspired art to brighten up your home or office. From framed photographic prints to ready-to-hang wall art, we’ve got something perfect for every space – plus, you get to pick your favorite! Whether you want to spruce up your bedroom, office or living room with these DIY decor marvels, they are sure to become the talk of the town!

Floral garland

Garland of flowers and greenery can be an eye-catching way to add texture and color to a home decor project. Additionally, it is more forgiving of minor imperfections than other floral arrangements, allowing you to make changes without affecting the overall aesthetic of your design.

Create a flower garland using twine and various greenery. Start by wrapping the greenery around the twine, attaching it a few inches further down on either side.

Continue until the entire length of twine has been covered. At the end, add more flowers, branches and seed pods for an elegant finishing touch.

Washi tape artwork

Washi tape is a type of decorative paper tape originating in Japan that works on papers, plastic, glass, and metal surfaces.

This trendy paper product comes in an array of colors and designs. Furthermore, it’s biodegradable and user-friendly for added convenience.

Crafts with fabric include wall art and decorations – you could even use it to make DIY gift wrap!

Upholstered footstool

An upholstered footstool is a timeless style that adds class and beauty to any home. It can serve as either an essential piece for the game room, or serve as an accent stool to bring color and interest into your living room.

Upholstering the top of a footstool is an effortless project that doesn’t require many tools. All you’ll need is a staple gun, cotton batting, upholstery foam and spray adhesive.

To guarantee your fabric remains tight against the foam, tack each side before stapleing it to the stool. Loose material will droop and make corner tucking much harder.

Towel rack

A towel rack is an attractive and practical addition to any bathroom. Not only does it keep towels organized neatly, but also speeds their drying time which reduces mildew growth.

Some models feature extra storage areas or integrated soap dispensers. They’re typically wall-mounted and come in a range of styles and materials.

If you’re in need of extra bathroom storage or just a stylish addition to your decor, there are plenty of great ideas. Many projects use natural materials which tend to be both budget friendly and sustainable.

Double box shelf

A double box shelf is an excellent way to bring some life and color to your walls. It also serves as a place for storing decorative accessories and plants.

Create this modern wall focal piece in no time by simply using some craft store boxes, a saw, and glue! It’s ideal for displaying plants or miniature accessories that you may never find the right place for.

For a unique shelving unit, try painting or staining the backer board. You could also decorate with wallpaper, fabric or wainscotting for an even more personal touch.

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