Easy DIY Home Decor Projects

Reupholstering a footstool is one of the easiest DIY projects you can try to quickly update the look of any room in just a few hours!

Some projects require additional work but still look stylish; one such example would be creating a lovely lampshade out of wallpaper.

Wooden slat wall-hanging

Wood slat walls add visual texture and depth to a room while also improving acoustics thanks to their sound-absorbing properties. A DIY project for creating one using different materials such as reclaimed wood, bamboo and cork.

Saving money when creating the same look with plywood sheets and cutting them yourself using a table saw can save money and effort. Or you could use dimensional lumber.

Billy ball bouquet

Add a soft splash of spring color to any arrangement with the Billy Ball bouquet, featuring 7 stems of flocked, spherical plastic flowers tied together with natural raffia. Ideal for display alongside other florals or alone for an uncluttered display – measuring 10″ high!

Craspedia flowers (billy balls) make an eye-catching and exciting addition to DIY wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, aisle decor and place cards. Furthermore, these billy balls can create an arched or garland for your ceremony!

Kokedama planter

Kokedama (moss balls) offer an elegant way to show off your favorite plants. From ferns and orchids to bromeliads and herbs – even vines! – adding something live as part of a centerpiece arrangement makes kokedama truly captivating.

To create a kokedama, soak sheet moss until it is damp in water, mix it with bonsai soil or akadama and form into a ball shape. Tie twine or monofilament fishing line securely around it to complete this step.

Hand-painted flower vase

Add some nature into your space with this hand-painted flower vase! It features intricate brushstrokes of flowers to delight the eyes and soothe the soul.

Discover creative DIY home decor projects to wow your guests on a budget, from tiered trays to drinkware makeovers. These quick and simple projects will elevate your style without breaking the bank!

Mirrored tray

Installing decorative coffee table trays like this one can help organize living room accessories without the hassle of constantly searching for them. Plus, this project makes for an interesting craft activity using any type of wood!

Framed photos are an easy and cost-effective way to personalize a space, but for even greater customization try building your own picture ledge!

Mini chalkboard wall hanging

Keep your home organized with this all-in-one wall-mounted combination display board! Crafted of engineered wood for a rustic aesthetic and natural wood grain patterning, its black chalkboard surface supports traditional as well as liquid chalk markers for optimal versatility.

Add instant decor flair with these DIY paint projects for instantaneous wall makeover. Each budget-friendly project takes less than an hour and can be tailored specifically to suit your desired style.

Canvas wall art

Canvas wall art can easily add style and sophistication to any room in your home, while being less susceptible to damage than other forms of artwork. A high-quality canvas painting will last for many years without becoming faded over time.

Framed art used to be the norm, but unframed canvas prints have quickly become the go-to choice. Not only are they stylish and modern; their durability surpasses that of their counterparts.

Wood heart decoration

Decorate your home without breaking the bank with these innovative and cost-effective DIY projects. From easy tiered trays to drinkware makeovers, these creative DIY ideas will add style and character to your living space.

This wood heart decoration may appear girlish and cutesy, but it’s an easy beginner DIY project using basic decoupaging techniques to add color and texture into any room. Plus it makes for an enjoyable DIY challenge!

Wall shelves

Shelves are essential in any home. They allow you to organize houseplants, books and decorative items while saving space on your floor.

Make use of a stud finder to locate and mark all studs where you plan to mount shelves, typically 16 inches apart.

Add an updated touch to your wall-mounted shelves by styling them with cascading plants or stylish, decorative vases filled with low maintenance faux floral arrangements.

Upholstered footstool

Footstools can add a decorative accent to your home, whether its microfiber, linen or another fabric choice is best.

Reupholstering a footstool is a straightforward project that does not require special skills. Simply use pliers and a tack lifter to untack old fabric before attaching new fabric with staple gun.

Start by stapling one long side, followed by all short sides, while pulling fabric tight as you go. Finally, staple all four corners.

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