Essential Plumbing Tools For Home

There are some essential plumbing tools that every homeowner should own. A plunger is one of these tools. Using this tool, you can unclog a drain in the shower, and it can prevent more expensive, time-consuming solutions. You should also invest in a good plumber’s wrench. But don’t get carried away. Read on to learn more about essential plumbing tools for home. Once you have them, your plumbing emergencies will be a breeze.

A pipe enlargement tool will make your pipe openings and holes bigger. While you don’t need this tool for every project, it can be very useful if you have to work on tight spaces. Once you’ve enlarged the hole, you’ll need to smooth the pipe edges, which you can do with a metal file. If you’re going to be working on copper pipes, you’ll also need a soldering torch.

A channellock plier is a versatile wrench that has long handles and angled jaws. You can use these tools to grab a large object or turn a big plastic nut on a sink drain. A crescent wrench is another essential tool that you should keep handy. This tool is great for removing rusted fittings and turning them. It’s also important to have a rag with you when using a pipe wrench so that you don’t damage the pipe.

Another essential plumbing tool is the drain snake. These tools can be used to dislodge clogs in pipes and are a very convenient and inexpensive way to unclog drains. You can use them to clear out stubborn clogs and unclog sinks and toilets. While these tools may not be the best option for every situation, they can be invaluable when dealing with tough clogs.

A pipe wrench is an indispensable multi-purpose tool for plumbing repairs. Its serrated jaws provide a solid grip, even on small pipes. You can even use it to twist soft iron pipes. Just remember to use it with caution though as it can damage the pipe if applied too much force. You may want to invest in a few extra ones if you have small children in the house. And remember, if you don’t have any of these essential plumbing tools, it’s best to keep a spare of a few in your toolbox.

Besides the basin wrench, you’ll also need a basin wrench for removing lock nuts from faucets. This tool is designed with a long handle and a jaws at the end to allow it to reach pipes in tight places. It’s a must-have tool for any plumber and should be a part of every homeowner’s plumbing tools collection. In addition, rubber gloves will protect your hands from any sharp objects that may be used during plumbing repair work.

A pipe wrench is another essential plumbing tool. A pipe wrench allows you to cut threads into a pipe and accept fittings. Pipe wrenches are commonly used by plumbers and are designed to work in tandem. One holds the pipe while the other turns the nut. Another pipe wrench is an adjustable spanner. A pipe wrench may be either crescent-shaped or an X-shaped wrench. A crescent wrench can also be used to tighten a sink faucet’s nut.

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