How to Create a Living Room Wall Design

When you want to create a living room wall design, you’ll want to play with shapes and colours. If you have a circle wall, try hanging a sculptural work of art. It will add depth to the space without breaking the budget. If you’re creative, you can also place a few baskets of decor on a blank wall for a splash of color. Just make sure that they’re in line with the design and don’t take up too much space.

A bookcase can also create an attractive living room wall. Incorporating decorative plates on a bookshelf is another good idea. Nowadays, modern style is all about shapes, and hive-shaped shelves have become popular. You can also hang framed displays of family photos on the wall. It won’t look out of place.

You can create an artful look by using a stencil. These stencils are easy to apply and can be removed easily. They can also be used again in different colours, if you wish. A stencilled wall looks like a postage stamp pastiche against a dark background. While the stencilled art doesn’t reveal much about the artist, the design gives the room a playful edge.

Adding accents to the walls is an essential part of making a living room look inviting. Choose one or two pieces of art that are a good complement to your furniture. These accessories will make a room feel cosy and inviting. If you have an eclectic taste, you can mix and match different pieces of furniture with patterned wall designs to create a unique look. You may also consider combining different styles on the same wall, so that your space will look harmonious.

In an all-white living room, adding a band of a warmer colour can break up the slick white walls and create a more vibrant backdrop. Plaster pink is a great option and will help lift a drab white wall. You can also paint the wall from the skirting boards up to the middle portion and finish it with a clean, straight line. If you want a bolder effect, you can go with a darker shade on the bottom half of the wall, while leaving the top part of the wall bright white.

A picture gallery is a great way to add visual depth to a living room. A large painting will make a stronger impact and may even work well on a small wall next to the doorway. Framed art works also add depth and texture to a living room. The best way to decorate a wall is to be creative.

A mirrored wall creates a dramatic focal point and makes the room feel more inviting and stylish. A gallery wall allows you to showcase more than one piece of art.

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