How to Spice Up Your Kitchen Shelves

To spice up your kitchen shelves, you can incorporate different textures and little pops of color. You can use framed artwork, serving ware, and other decorative items. To add a subtle undertone, use tones that contrast against each other. You can also use whites and off-whites to create a contrast and highlight undertones. Glass is also an option to add accents to your shelves. And, if you’re afraid of tying up your kitchen space, you can opt for a combination of these two materials.

Depending on your budget, you can buy prefabricated shelves. These are cheap and easy to assemble. Some of these shelving units are made from wood or particleboard, while others are made of steel or other strong materials. If you want to hang larger units, you can also consider particleboard or steel. However, if you’re on a budget, particleboard might be a better choice. Wood will also be easier to paint and stain.

To add a unique touch to your kitchen shelves, try installing hooks. Besides adding a spot to hang your mugs, hooks also offer additional storage space for tools, kitchen utensils, and other textiles. The added storage space will make your kitchen seem more spacious and attractive. But, before you add hooks to your shelves, remember to keep your weight restrictions in mind. Keep in mind that unbracketed floating shelves are usually rated for around 25lbs.

Floating kitchen shelves are another popular option. They help utilise wasted space and awkward gaps in the cabinetry. They do not look intrusive and can be hung by existing lines. This design option is very popular in dulux Colour award-winning homes, and its sleek style makes it easier to access items. This type of shelving needs some dedication to keep it looking good. It is not as simple as installing a rack, but it will certainly add character and appeal to your kitchen.

Open wall cabinets offer a more modern appeal, and will match any joinery in your kitchen. They’re also ideal if you have a small space in your kitchen. Similarly, if your space is limited, narrow gaps can be converted into clever storage. A carpenter can craft custom shelves for your kitchen. So, whatever your kitchen storage needs, you’re sure to find a suitable option. Consider all the possibilities and experiment with the style.

The most common way to organize your kitchen shelves is by storing daily use items on lower shelves. The upper shelves should contain the less-used items such as books, artwork, or other accessories. Be sure not to stack dishes on top of one another or arrange them in a precarious way – this could lead to an avalanche hazard if someone tries to pull something off the top shelf. This way, you can easily access the items that you need most often.

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