Pet Friendly Interior Design

Whether you’re a pet owner or simply love animals, you’ll want to design your home to be as pet friendly as possible. This includes placing a robo vac in the mudroom, making use of Washable slipcovers, and creating a pet area with multi-functional pet furniture.

Hard flooring

Whether you’re remodeling your house or just doing some home improvement, pet friendly interior design requires you to consider all aspects of the space, including the flooring. It’s important to choose a flooring that’s easy to clean, and can withstand wear and tear.

The best flooring to choose for a home with a dog or cat is engineered hardwood, as it provides the best combination of durability and resale value. It’s also easy to maintain. If you have pets, it’s especially important to find a flooring option that can withstand their claws and clawing.

Laminate is also a popular option. Although it’s not as durable as hardwood, it’s still a good choice for a pet friendly home.

If you have larger dogs, you’ll need to make sure the laminate you choose is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear. Luckily, there are many flooring options out there for pets.

Washable slipcovers

Whether you have pets or not, a washable slipcover can be a good investment. They help to protect your furniture from stains and spills, which can be a big help to you and your family. And they can also give your furniture a new look.

You can choose from a variety of materials to make your slipcovers. Some of the most popular include canvas, cotton, linen, and polyester. Some are also washable, which makes them easier to care for.

You should also think about the material’s stain resistance. It’s especially important to choose a material that doesn’t absorb odors. You might also want to look for a slipcover with a stain-resistance label.

The materials used to make these slipcovers are usually machine washable. Some are waterproof, which can help protect your furniture from spills.


Whether you have a large or small dog, a mudroom is a great place for them to rest, lounge and even wash their muddy paws. They can also serve as an ideal space for storing your pet’s supplies, raincoats and shoes.

The mudroom may not be the most glamorous space in your house, but it is an important one. This room is the first room that visitors see when they come through your front door. So you need to make it easy for them to access the space.

One of the best ways to do this is to design a mudroom with a unique and functional layout. For example, the floor can be made of patterned concrete tiles to protect your potted plants. There should also be a good mix of storage solutions.

Multi-functional pet furniture

Buying pet furniture is a challenge. You need to choose furniture that is durable, practical, and beautiful. Fortunately, you can find many pieces that are pet friendly. You can also make use of multi-functional pieces to make your home pet friendly.

Multi-functional pieces can provide your pet with a private space where they can play and rest. Some examples include a pet house and a dog house. These pieces can be easily customized and will provide your pet with a comfortable place to rest. You can also buy a custom crate that will fit into your entryway.

Pet beds are another essential piece of pet friendly interior design. Make sure to choose high-quality pet beds that will be comfortable for your pets. You may also want to look for patterned rugs to provide your pets with a relaxing space. These rugs are often less expensive than a full carpet and can be easily cleaned.

Place a robo vac

Whether you are a shedder, or a home owner who wants to save time on their routine cleaning, a robot vacuum may be your best friend. These robotic devices can be used to clean carpets, hard floors, and even your dog’s bed. However, there are some important tips to keep in mind when purchasing one.

The main feature to look for in a robot vacuum is the suction power. You want to make sure that your robot can remove a large amount of dirt and debris. Some robo-vacs may not have enough suction power to do this, especially when cleaning high pile carpets.

Another feature to look for is the mapping technology. This allows your robot to recognize the layout of your home. Once it has a good map of your house, you can send it to specific areas for cleaning.

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