Transforming Your Patio or Balcony Into an Oasis

Transforming your balcony into an inviting and relaxing oasis is simple with the proper styling tips. Begin by covering up an unattractive floor with an outdoor rug to give it more character.

Add greenery with wall-mounted planters, trellises, and plant ladders designed to allow trailing plants to overgrow them. Also try vegetable and herb containers for an outdoor garden feel.

1. Add a Fire Pit

No matter where you reside – from sprawling country estates to apartment balcon – outdoor spaces can still provide an oasis for you and your loved ones as you unite against this pandemic. Here are a few ideas to get you going.

An unattractive floor can take away from the relaxing ambience of a balcony, so consider adding an outdoor rug. There are now many choices available including those featuring woven textures and geometric patterns that create an eye-catching boho vibe. If painting your balcony isn’t an option, stick on flooring can add style without leaving permanent marks behind; plus it makes moving easy too! Additionally, temporary solutions like temporary vinyl floor strips might even work!

2. Change the Flooring

If the floor of your balcony looks dull and unattractive, it will significantly lessen your enjoyment of this relaxing space. Installing teak wood flooring is an affordable and simple solution to elevate its aesthetic value and bring life back into this outdoor living area.

As a renter, it can feel daunting when it comes to changing the look of your apartment balcony. But many landlords are more accommodating than they appear and a few simple adjustments could turn your balcony into somewhere you enjoy spending time.

Create an exotic jungle vibe with leafy green plants and exotic accessories such as wall hangings or fairy lights, adding comfort with a rug for additional style points.

3. Add Aesthetic Elements

Your balcony could use some additional decor to make it an inviting, relaxing environment. A cozy touch might include adding a table to set down coffee or tea on. Furthermore, an adorable side table could serve double duty by housing trinkets and decorative items on display.

For those who prefer bolder looks, painting one wall could add an instant splash of color – just be sure to get permission first from your landlord first! Bright floor pillows or lanterns with eye-catching designs can add the right pop. Plus, adding plants that coordinate with your new color palette could bring life and vibrancy to a balcony space!

4. Add Comfortable Seating

Attractive seating is essential when relaxing alone on your balcony or hosting friends for drinks and appetizers – find furniture that fits both the size of your balcony as well as outdoor use such as an open weave design that resists wind, rain and sun for optimal enjoyment.

Layer patterned rugs, soft cushions and colorful throws for an eye-catching, comfortable balcony seating arrangement. Add a foldable table for dining and drinking needs that makes storage simpler.

Don’t forget to add some flair and character to your balcony with decor items like bird feeders, lanterns, or planters that add visual interest and pizazz.

5. Add Greenery

No matter where we reside, everyone needs their own private oasis to retreat to and unwind in. From backyard houses with sprawling backyards to apartments with small balconies and everything in between, there are numerous ways that outdoor space can become your personal sanctuary.

One of the easiest ways to add life and color to your balcony is through adding greenery. Planters stuffed with herbs and flowers give it a striking aesthetic; alternatively, if you have a trellis you could hang flowers or plants for an elegant finish.

6. Add Lighting

Lighting is essential to creating the desired ambiance on a balcony in summer, creating an unforgettable space. Add hanging lights for an iconic feel or switch up with more relaxing options that mimic natural lighting for an immersive atmosphere.

Trying to create your own jungle-esque oasis? Try adding lush plants of different heights and colors for added interest. Hanging planters from railings or placing on floors makes the task simpler – not to mention saving money by growing herbs or vegetables!

7. Add Decor

With the right decor, a balcony can become an elegant retreat. Outdoor rugs cover up cement floors while adding pattern, while pillows in colors that complement the space help create a cozy spot to unwind and relax.

Lighting can quickly transform a balcony. String lights or fairy lights can instantly transform it into an inviting place for you and your company to relax, and enjoy the view. For an old world aesthetic, hang lanterns or candles from your railings for an antique charm.

Your balcony should be your escape. Don’t allow pandemic fears to keep you from making this an oasis!

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