Vertical Gardens For Home

For a unique look, vertical gardens can be made from driftwood, a naturally curved material that can serve as a base. The driftwood holds succulents in a way that is unique, and the curved shapes emphasize the colors. Alternatively, you can create a vertical garden from a rusty metal grid, which holds small terra cotta pots. The round metal holders are welded to the lines in a staggered pattern, and the result is a stunning effect.

The perfect wall garden for your bathroom can incorporate live plants, moss, and ferns. For dappled shade and indirect light, you can opt for bromeliads. A Southeast Asian climbing plant called the pothos also makes an ideal vertical garden plant. The benefits of having a vertical garden in your bathroom go far beyond aesthetics. For a hassle-free project, you can involve your entire family in assembling your garden.

You can even use a fence to make your own vertical garden. Using a fence will allow you to hang multiple flower pots on it and still allow air to circulate. For an even cheaper alternative, you can turn used baby or dog food tins into bright plant holders. These upcycling projects are easy and inexpensive. Even if you are not a talented gardener, you can use spray paint to make a beautiful vertical garden in your home.

A vertical garden is an excellent way to bring nature into a modern home. For a frame, you need to choose wood frames with square openings. You can also make them out of old boxes and crates. When you have several frames, you can group them together to create a continuous decor piece. You can choose succulents or cascading blossoms, or use a combination of both. There are many options for both modern and farmhouse looks.

Hanging pots are a simple way to create a vertical garden, and can add a pop of color to a blank wall. Some plants will grow in tufts, and they can be grown in an empty plastic soda bottle. An old dresser or a cradle can also be turned into a vertical garden. A vertical garden is a great way to add greenery to an apartment balcony.

Using pallet wood is an easy way to create a planter. These pallets can be moved as necessary, which makes it an attractive option. You can also create a vertical herb garden using a sturdy planter and landscape fabric. For even more flexibility, you can use a wood pallet as a wall unit and hang it on the wall. The natural wood pallet’s natural color matches almost any home and is an excellent DIY project. You can also use a mixture of herbs, vegetables, and succulents.

The concept of a vertical garden is not new, but it has long been part of the human story. King Nebuchadnezzar II in Babylon used it to cure his wife Amytis of Media. Gardening is not only associated with Eastern philosophy, but is recognized as a key component in Western medicine. With global population creeping close to 7 billion, the benefits of gardens are gaining recognition even amongst Western medicine.

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