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Creative Storage Solutions For a Clutter-Free Home

An orderly home can provide a healthy environment to live in, reducing stress levels and encouraging healthier eating habits.

Step one in creating an uncluttered living space is taking stock of everything you own and shedding what is no longer relevant. Keep a box handy to store items you intend to donate or dispose of.

1. Wall-mounted bookcases

Wall-mounted bookcases provide an effective solution for organizing books and other essential items in a clutter-free space, and this solution can be utilized in various rooms of the house such as bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways.

One way to take full advantage of wall storage is to devise a flexible system that allows you to add and subtract sections as necessary, making this storage solution ideal for organizing everything from office supplies and candles, through large books and collectables.

Create a system to display other types of decor such as artwork and pictures in your home without taking up too much space. Doing this will add extra personality and charm while taking up less room than usual.

2. Wall-mounted baskets

One of the easiest and cost-effective storage solutions you can implement in your apartment is baskets. They can serve as an efficient means of organizing various items ranging from magazines to books.

Baskets can also be used to organize loose objects in your home office or craft room, including paint swatches, fabric samples and project folders. Plus, adding labels helps easily identify their contents!

Create a wall-mounted basket wall around an object on the wall that needs updating or replacement, giving it new life while making use of some unused baskets at once! This will also give your wall-mounted baskets their due!

3. Hanging storage

Hanging storage can make excellent use of vertical space, freeing up floor space while hiding clutter away and adding visual appeal to your home. From rails and hooks to cubbies and cubes, hanging storage devices provide multifunctional solutions for making the best use of your vertical real estate.

Coat racks provide an easy way to organize coats, hats and jackets – not only that but they’re a stylish design feature on an empty wall that make a bold design statement!

IKEA has an innovative hanging storage solution: using their slatted bed base to mount baskets and other items directly to the wall without taking up counter space, it’s an amazingly do it yourself project that won’t cost much to complete and doubles as an attractive decorative piece as well as saving you time in terms of not moving items around between rooms.

4. Closet organizers

With so much clothing, shoes and accessories stacked into your closet it can be hard to keep it organized. Luckily there are numerous creative storage solutions that can help your closet remain neat and organized.

To simplify storing your belongings, choose space-saving solutions like slim hangers and shelf dividers – these tools make accessing items simpler than using large wooden hangers or bins with drawers which take up considerable closet space.

To ensure that you keep your belongings organized, adopt the motto, “There’s a place for everything and everything has its place.” This will make it easier to locate things when they are needed.

5. Multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture pieces have become an increasingly popular trend in modern homes. From living room coffee tables that double as dining areas to bedrooms that transform into home offices, there are multiple multifunctional solutions available that help save space while being creative with decor.

Before shopping for multifunctional furniture, be sure to measure your space accurately so it will fit. Even small items can look cluttered if not tailored specifically to meet your needs.

An attached storage rack to the inside of a pantry can serve as an effective means for organizing spices and other smaller items that may otherwise be difficult to locate, while an antique chest or toolbox could act as an effective desk organizer in a home office setting.

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