How to Create a Stylish and Functional Laundry Room

Laundry rooms don’t need to be boring spaces! By adding color or decorating with storage baskets, your laundry room can become part of the home itself and feel more welcoming for its occupants.

Be bold! Switch up the hue with an unexpected pop of blue or add fun prints for added visual interest on laundry room windows. Framing artwork or placing stylish rugs are additional ways of adding visual interest in this small space.

1. Create a Functional Space

A laundry room can be an ideal space to bring the overall design theme of your home into one space. Incorporating metal baskets and dark countertops create an eye-catching design scheme while still remaining within the overall scheme of things.

If you are lucky enough to have a large laundry room, be sure to incorporate multiple storage solutions. Open shelving works well for items you need accessing quickly while cabinets with doors offer additional protection for sensitive supplies and out-of-season clothing.

Make your laundry room an inviting space by selecting the appropriate paint colors and window treatments. Lighter hues create the impression that space is larger while vertical patterns and patterns draw attention to ceiling height in small rooms.

2. Add Storage

Treat laundry as an opportunity for design! Even utilitarian spaces can benefit from elevated storage solutions. In this image, short shelves flank a rod for hanging wet garments to dry while an elevated shelf with supplies like detergent pods and wool dryer balls is kept nearby. Items you use frequently should remain at lower level; upper level shelves could contain larger baskets for sorting light from dark clothing items as well as machine-washable and hand-washable only items.

Wall space can be another underutilized asset when it comes to increasing laundry room storage capacity. Hanging curtains with decorative hooks or attaching woven baskets directly to the wall are effective solutions for keeping supplies off the floor and off of countertops; using storage that complements your home’s decor adds another level of decorator flair that brings life and vibrancy into a potentially dull room.

3. Create a Comfortable Space

Create an inviting laundry room space to make chores more pleasurable and make time spent doing chores more bearable. By hanging colorful storage containers or hanging patterned rugs in this often forgotten room, you can add character and add personality into what can often be an overlooked space.

Make sure your design incorporates a seating area, such as with chairs or benches, so family members can help out and reduce time spent doing laundry-type tasks. This will encourage participation.

Create a seating area in your laundry room is the ideal way to organize sorting and folding of laundry. Add decorative accent pieces like houseplants and decorative jars filled with detergent powders, fabric softener sheets and dryer sheets – keeping the area uncluttered while looking appealing – this will keep the area looking neat and uncluttered.

4. Add a Little Bit of Greenery

Laundry may be an essential task, but it doesn’t need to be dull! By adding decorative elements such as wall art or an eye-catching rug, laundry time will become much more enjoyable! Creative storage containers with colorful handles or stylish light fixtures can add additional charm.

Utility rooms provide the ideal canvas to experiment with wallpaper and paint you wouldn’t dare use elsewhere in your home, such as designer Andi Morse’s choice of Japanese landscape-inspired prints for this laundry room and using similar hues in cabinetry and trim for a seamless finish.

Wood cabinets offer ample storage solutions, but you can add open shelving for quick access to commonly used items. Combine this with cubbies and drawers for less frequently needed supplies and clothing items to keep the room organized yet stylish.

5. Add a Touch of Style

Though functionality remains paramount in any laundry room, there are various design choices to make your space more aesthetically pleasing as well. Cabinet doors are one simple way of making this happen, while there are numerous other creative ideas you can incorporate to give your laundry room an attractive makeover – for instance adding pegboards can keep tools and supplies organized creatively and stylishly; adding hook racks will add even more style into the room!

Add some framed art or photography that’s worthy of display to transform your laundry area into an eye-catching room, and opt for more dramatic lighting rather than fluorescent bulbs for something eye-catching and striking.

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